Our Services

Our Services: Graphic Design

From logo designs to identity design projects, marketing materials and other custom design requirements, BluQuadrant has you covered.
We produce high quality designs for print and for the web, and we have a lot of very satisfied clients to show for that.

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Our Services: Web Development

At BluQuadrant, we create clean and highly functional websites that perform exactly as you want them to.
Our website development process starts with us understanding your brand, the objectives for the website and your target audience.
Armed with this information, we then proceed to bring your ideas to life through the remaining parts of our development life-cycle.

We see the sites that we build as extensions of our Clients’ brands and as such, it is our responsibility to ensure the success and continued relevance of such projects.

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Our Services: Advertising

BluQuadrant offers clients the opportunity to advertise their products, services and events via some exciting and unconventional channels.
Granted, traditional advertising channels such as billboards, TV commercials and newspaper/magazine ad placements might still be effective in their own ways, but people have learnt to skip TV commercials, block adverts while surfing the web and generally ignore everything that screams;
I’m an advert, look at me!.

There are so many new and exciting ways to promote brands while making the experience seem more natural to you target audience, and we intend to help you take full advantage of them.
Our advertising services include product placement and video adverts, among others. Our solutions ensure that you reach your target audience how and where it matters most, and we have entered into strategic partnerships with advertising companies to ensure unparalleled reach for advertising campaigns.